The Waste

Session 0.3


So, you want me to take you into the Zone? You think you have what it takes? You have no idea what it’s like out there. No idea. Let me tell you about the Rot, and we’ll see if you still want to go after that. The good kind of Rot is the kind you can see. Green sludge floating on a still pond. If you get it on your body it will seep into your wounds, your mouth and eyes. It will slowly break you down. The bad kind of Rot is invisible. You won’t know it’s there until your bones and muscles ache. If you go to close to the hotspot, your hair will fall off. You puke blood. If you don’t get away quickly, you’re done for. How do I survive in the Zone, you ask? I know where to go, and where not to go. I know what water to drink, what food to eat, and I know how to endure pain. The Rot hurts more than you could imagine. Are you still sure you want to go?

- Yassan, Stalker


RandyHightower RandyHightower

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