The Waste

Session 1

In the beginning

Character Creation

Randy GM
Charles 13 Stalker
Raun ?Johalim? Chronicler
Jon Quark Gearhead
John H Kaos Slave

Prison, Location G22
Defined areas: Yard, 4 Towers (Elder, 3 Head bosses), Mostly intact wall, holding area


Fortifications Kaos+1 1
Hunting Party 13+1 Quark+1 2
?Chapel? Johalim+1 1

Prophecy of DOOooOOM!


Loc Rot Items of Interest
F23 1(0) Zone dogs, ??Hot spot,
F22 1(0) Zone birds, conduits, fallen comrade, Hockey Mask,


RandyHightower wedge1126

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