The Waste

Welcome to Mutant Year Zero

Session 0

No forums, sorry, not quite committed enough to pay for the extras.

This Saturday we are tentatively going to get MY0 off the ground. I will be running the game.

You will be playing mutants in a post apocalyptic setting clinging to life in your community know as the Ark. Things have gone smoothly for years but in recent times everything has begin to fall apart do to lack of food, water, and resources. It is a bleak time where you as the players will either rise up to let back in the light and grow your Ark in to a safe and prosperous place or be taken forever by doom that awaits you in the Zone.

First day will be mostly getting the characters made and the Ark (your community) up and running. This will take some discussion among the group members to pick various aspects of your current village/town.

I’ve been reviewing the rules and will hopefully be able to field most questions by the time we start. They system is pretty quick and simple.

What you will need :

Six sided dice in three different colors. At least 4 of each color, 5 is recommended.

If there is time I will have some small dice on hand for communal use as well.

That is about it.

Once we get going if you have private questions for me as the GM go ahead and message me through obsidian portal or go the old fashioned rout and leave me a note at the end of the game. There is a built in ending that I may be using if things seem like they are just getting monotonous or someone would like to move on. If any of you feel the need to pick up a book or a pdf of the book Please refrain from reading section 2 (the blue section) as this may contain spoilers when the campaign reaches its conclusion.

If you have a copy of the rules before Saturday feel free to go ahead and message me about anything you want clarified rules wise as it may be something that will be confusing later as well. Until then, see you Saturday.



RandyHightower RandyHightower

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